If I mention to you that I have a Vibrator, you will instantly picture a specific type of sex toy. Someone else may picture a different one, and another person will have a completely different idea from either of you. The variety of Vibrators available today is amazing – and intimidating. Understanding what these vibrators do, how they are used, or even what to ask for can make shopping for a new sex toy daunting.

Therefore, we are going to look at some of the most common types of Vibrators available on the market, their purpose, and some of the pleasurable ways you can use them.

The Classic Vibrator

The Classic Vibrator is known by many names. Lady Finger is a common name, though you probably remember your mother referring to it coyly as a “massager” when you discovered one in her dresser drawer. The typical Classic Vibrator has a smooth body that is generally 140 – 180 millimetres, (5 – 7 inches) long and about 25 – 38 millimetres (about an inch or so) in diameter, with a tapered tip. It is designed to look and be as discreet as a sex toy can be and can be used for internal or external pleasure.

What is the difference between a Classic Vibrator and a Dildo? The primary difference is that the Dildo is created to simulate a penis. Most have a classic penis shape with some additional texture for extra pleasure. Others feature a smooth design, but are curved in ways that simulate a man’s natural curvature.

If you have never used a Vibrator before, especially for penetration, the Classic Vibrator is a good first choice. You will find as many brands and varieties on the market as there are types of Vibrators to begin with. When shopping for a Classic Vibrator, I recommend looking for one that is waterproof and offers multiple vibration speeds. Make sure that you can adjust the speed easily, so that you do not have to interrupt your pleasure by fidgeting with the base, and that the batteries are easy to replace. Also, make sure that the batteries are easy to find. Most will require AA batteries, but occasionally you will find varieties that want other sizes. You want batteries that are easy to find so that you do not end up with a toy in your chest that you cannot use.

To enjoy your Classic Vibrator, begin by massaging your breasts or inner thigh. Tease yourself with the vibrating sensation to build up your excitement and desire. Slowly move the Vibrator over your vulva, exploring the sensitive skin there to see where you enjoy the feeling of pressure and vibration. You can also press the tapered tip into your clitoris for intense stimulation. When you are ready, bring the tip of the Vibrator down your vulva and to the opening of your vagina, inserting it slowly as you measure your pleasure and comfort. As you play, adjust the Vibrator for stronger or weaker vibrations, depending on your level of arousal and pleasure.

Bullet Vibrator

The Bullet is another quintessential Vibrator. It is one of my favourites because of its versatility and utility. This small vibrator varies in size, usually no longer than 100 millimetres, or about three inches. The basic bullet is a short capsule-shaped vibrator. Most bullets are designed for external pleasure and if you examine your other vibrating toys, you will very likely find the vibrator itself is simply a bullet. One common use for a bullet is inside of a textured sleeve or pocket for clitoral stimulation.

The appeal of the Bullet Vibrator is its discretion. It can fit easily into a purse or pocket to be pulled out and used when needed. They tend to be only one speed; however, the best Bullets are waterproof so that you can use it anywhere, especially in the tub or shower. Some varieties of Bullet, such as the Doc Johnson 10X Dual Power Bullets Short N Sweet, feature the Bullet on cords with a remote control to provide different vibrations. These Bullets can be inserted into the vagina, since you have an easy way to pull them out. The Dual Bullets are very nice for stimulating along both the vagina and clitoris.

If you are trying a simple Bullet Vibrator for the first time, tease yourself along your breasts and outside of your Vulva. As you play, press the Bullet slowly into the folds of your labia and up into your clitoris. If you are in a kinky mood, you can sit at your desk or on the couch at home with a Bullet Vibrator nestled in your panties against your clitoris. For a relaxing bath, draw the warm water as deep as you prefer and bring your waterproof Bullet into the tub. Lay back and play. An orgasm is very nice in warm water, as the pleasure of the orgasm enhances your body’s temperature reception.

Clitoral Vibrators

Designs for Clitoral Vibrators vary, but they all serve one purpose, to provide stimulation directly to your clitoris. Some, like the Clit Kisser, are designed to simulate oral sex. Some Clit Pumps include vibrating attachments, so that you can stimulate the engorged labia and clitoris for an intense orgasm. Others are shaped like rabbit heads or butterflies, and designed to be pressed against your clitoris or are held in place by hip straps.

Clitoral Vibrators have a single purpose, and are for external use only. They are very good at what they do, and when combined with toy designed for insertion, such as a Dildo or Classic Vibrator, they promise intense orgasms. The best Clitoral Vibrators are waterproof, so that you can use them anywhere, and feature multiple vibration settings, so that you can control intensity.

Enjoy a simple, waterproof Clitoral Vibrator in your next bath. Simply lay back and enjoy the sensations until you orgasm. A Flirt Finger is a nice toy to keep in your bedside table. It includes a powerful bullet and a textured sleeve that will provide you wonderful sensations. End your night with an orgasm or greet the morning.

G-Spot Stimulators

We have known for a long time now that the G-Spot is not a myth. Still, not every woman has found theirs successfully or has been able to enjoy the pleasures that come from finding it. While G-Spot stimulation is intense, depending on how it is stimulated, a woman may find it too intense or that other sensations overpower the pleasure. This is where G-Spot Stimulators are so very helpful for women. These are typically wand vibrators with rounded and often textured ends. They apply pressure and vibration to your G-Spot, allowing you to enjoy the stimulation and achieve a powerful orgasm.

To find your G-Spot, lay on your back and insert your finger into your vagina. Feel along the upper wall, about two inches inside. You should find an area of the vaginal wall that feels different from the rest of the tissue. It is generally located behind your bladder and pressing into it may make you feel the urge to urinate. This is normal and why it is helpful to empty your bladder before exploring. Once you have located the spot, gently insert your G-Spot Stimulator until you feel the head of the stimulator along the same area. Apply as much pressure as you find enjoyable and ride the sensations until you orgasm.

Vibrating Dildos and Love Eggs

I would be remiss if I did not mention Vibrating Dildos and Love Eggs. Both of these are wonderful and varied Vibrators. I will be dedicating a guide to each of them because of all the wonderful types and things that you can enjoy.


Caring for your Vibrator is important. When you use it, use a lubricant that is recommended on the Vibrator’s package. After use, clean your Vibrator with a sex toy safe cleanser and store it when dry.

The Vibrators that I have mentioned here are not intended for anal play. Anal Vibrators are made slightly differently, are wonderful to use, and will provide you immense pleasure. It is important for your comfort and safety that you not use a Vibrator designed for external or vaginal use anally. That being said, Bullet Vibrators can be used to stimulate the external area of your anus. If you use a Bullet Vibrator this way, do not use it anywhere else. Store it separately from your other sex toys. Even though you clean it after each use, imperfections can still harbour bacteria. If used along your vulva, this can result in an infection.

Now that you have been introduced to the wonderful world of Vibrators, it is time to pick one out and enjoy.

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