Vibrating Dildos

For many women, especially those new to sex toys, Dildos of any kind can seem intimidating. They tend to be larger than their Classic Vibrator cousins are. Still, Dildos are wonderful toys, adding girth and sensation to vaginal penetration. Vibrating Dildos combine the best of both worlds, giving the vibrating pleasures of the Classic Vibrator and the size and textures available from Dildos. This combination creates versatility and pleasure that makes these Dildos stand out from all others.

Varying the Vibration

Realistic Vibrating Dildos

Realistic Dildos offer a more natural sensation of penetration versus other Dildos and vibrators. They feature a rigid shaft and penis head, for a realistic sensation upon insertion. They also tend to feature veiny structures or ridges that are very pleasant as you play. Adding vibration to these sensations heightens stimulation, typically bringing on very strong orgasms. These Dildos vary in length, width, material, and texture, so that you can find something that looks tantalizing to you.

The best way to enjoy one of these Vibrating Dildos is in the privacy of your own bedroom. You can lay back and relax or enjoy it sitting up. Some include the ball sack to create a stable base, allowing you to ride it to pleasure. A few varieties are also waterproof, so that like their non-vibrating cousins, you can take them into the shower or bath.

Rabbit Dildos

The Rabbit Dildo provides both vaginal and clitoral stimulation in one compact device. The typical rabbit features a realistic shaft and penis head with a second attachment near the base with what appear to be rabbit-ear appendages. These appendages stimulate your clitoris while the shaft stimulates your vagina. These are also varied tools, offering you different lengths and widths, so that you can find one that is right for you. They look intimating to behold, but the intensity of the orgasms you can achieve with one should not be missed.

The internal stimulation of a Rabbit varies. Some provide vibration along the shaft as well as the rabbit-ears. Others have gears inside the shaft that twist and pump, creating a sensation similar to thrusting. Both types of Rabbit are extremely pleasurable, and if you want to give yourself some variation, you can try both.

Some Rabbit Dildos are waterproof, but the best way to enjoy them is lying down. Use the rabbit ears to tease your clitoris and arouse yourself enough to insert the shaft. For some hands-free fun, once the shaft is inserted, close your legs to hold it in place. This will tighten your muscles around it, increasing your stimulation. It also frees your hands to adjust the placement of the rabbit ears to enhance clitoral stimulation.

G-Spot Stimulators

Finding your G-Spot will open you to a whole world of pleasures, and few things will reward your hard work like a G-Spot stimulator. These wonderful vibrating devices feature a curve designed to help you reach that spot and provide the pressure and vibration that will send you over the edge. G-Spot orgasms are very intense and can cause a woman to produce a small amount of ejaculate.

G-Spot stimulators come in a wide variety, from thin wands with a vibrating pressure head to rabbit vibrators, curved to ensure you hit the right spot. When choosing a G-Spot Dildo, you want to be sure that it gives you adequate room to explore and find your spot while providing you sensation and vaginal stimulation every else as well.

Care and Safety

If you want your Vibrating Dildo to last, then care is essential. You also want to ensure that you use your Dildo properly to avoid injury.

  • Wash your Vibrating Dildo after each use with a sex toy safe cleanser and store it once dry.
  • Use plenty of lubricant with your Dildo, especially if it is a larger variety. Inadequate lubrication can create discomfort and tears that can lean to infections. Make sure that the lubricant you use is safe for the material your Dildo is made of.
  • Only use the Dildo as indicated on the packaging. Some can be use only vaginally, others can be used vaginally or anally. In the case of versatile Dildos, remember that what goes in the back door does not touch the front. Even if thoroughly cleaned, imperfections in the Dildo can still harbour bacteria from anal use and lead to serious infections if used vaginally.

Most of all have fun exploring the wonderful world of Vibrating Dildos. Peruse the different options available to you and find one or two that you think you will enjoy. Incredible orgasms await you.

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