Sex Toys for Women

Sexy toys are fun, and chances are good that I do not have to tell you how much you enjoy them. You probably already know. If you have not yet taken the plunge to enjoy a vibrator or one of the many other sex toys out there, you have probably been hearing about how it is not just pleasurable, but healthy for your sex life. A lot of emphasis has been placed on female sexuality and encouraging women to explore and enjoy.

Why Explore Your Sexuality?

I will go ahead and get the first reason out of the way right now: because it feels good. We are not necessary geared toward thinking only of ourselves, especially women. We are taught to think about our partners and their wants and needs first. Many women are taught from a very young age to be selfless nurturers. Still, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself an indulgence. It could be the chocolate chip ice cream or cheesecake, a new outfit, or a favourite book. It could simply be a midday orgasm, when no one is around to make demands of you.

If indulgence is not enough reason for you, then consider the benefits to your sex life. If you understand your body and what pleases you, then you can relay that to your partner, directly or subtly. You have no doubt seen the look in his eyes when he does something you enjoy. Imagine seeing that joy all the time, because you know what you like and can show him or tell him.

Exploring your sexuality makes you more open to intimacy. If you give yourself sexual pleasure and stimulation, you will want it more. That does not mean you are going to go wild seeking it from every man on the streets. It does mean you will be more receptive to your partner’s advances, however. You may even find yourself initiating more often, which will definitely be pleasing to him. Men love to feel desired, especially if you have been together for a long time. Masturbation is a good way to help get yourself into the mood, especially if you find yourself stressed from your day. A warm bath and a little self-enjoyment will have you ready to be intimate with your partner.

Why Sex Toys?

You can enjoy yourself sexually with simply your fingers and a nice fantasy. Sex toys help to heighten the sensations and give us pleasures that we would not otherwise get. Your fingers inside you can wiggle nicely, but they are not as thick as a dildo and do not vibrate. If you or your partner has found your G-spot – that spongy area at the front of your vagina, about two inches inside and behind your bladder – you will discover that the sensation of a finger and a vibrator are very different there. Some women actually find a wider vibrator more pleasurable on that spot.

If you are exploring sex toys for the first time, or if you want to expand from the one or two that you already have, then I have good news. You have many varieties of sex toys to choose from. The bad news, you have many sex toys available on the market today. It can seem overwhelming to try to choose one from the many you see online or in Adult store. That is why I have created this site. I am going to explore the different variety of sex toys with you and help remove the mystique, and sometimes intimidation, from some of the toys.

Types of Toys

While there are many sex toys on the market, they can be categorized into three kinds. We will explore them in detail later, but I do want to give you a brief overview of them.


Vibrators are just that – sex toys that vibrate. This category of toy covers a wide range, and crosses over into the second category, dildos. Vibrators are sometimes specialized, clitoral vibrators and G-spot vibrators, for example. Others are versatile, such as vibrating bullets and love eggs. For many women, a vibrator of some kind is a first sex toy, especially since many varieties are very discreet and simple. These toys are designed to give you simple and quick pleasure, and are a wonderful way to explore yourself.


A dildo is a sex toy designed for insertion, typically into your vagina. Some are made for anal insertion specifically, and a few are designed for double penetration. Dildos may vibrate, but not all do. Some are smooth, but you will find a majority of them shaped like a penis. The best dildos will include some kind of texture, for example, small bumps or ridges, so that you have additional sensation. Dildos are wonderful toys that have been enjoyed by women for centuries. Vaginal insertion is pleasurable, and a realistic dildo will give you a chance to explore how you prefer vaginal intercourse and what angles your partner can use to help you reach your climax.

Sex Dolls

We think of sex dolls as being primarily a man-thing, but women can enjoy them as well. A well-made sex doll includes a realistic dildo, often vibrating, and a handsome appearance. It can be a fun way to indulge yourself and enjoy a little fantasy at the same time. Blow up dolls are not the only kind of sex doll you can enjoy. Just as men have realistic torsos that feature different holes for insertion, you can enjoy a realistic-feeling, well-endowed torso as well.

As you can see, we have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to sex toys. We will begin exploring some of the delightful options together.


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