Sex Toys for Men

Men, we know that you enjoy sex. If you pay attention to television, music, books, movies, and even adverts, it is plain to see that you are sex machines, seeking it anywhere you can get it.

Okay, we know that last part is not always true. Truth is many men find the perpetuation of that stereotype to be as troublesome for them as women find the stereotype that they are all pure, innocent creatures saving their sex for one special man. For you, sexuality is varied and it is sometimes a minefield of trying to navigate what is acceptable and what is not. If you are not assertive or are a little shy, it can be even worse.

You are also not as aware of your sexual desires as you may think. Oh, you know that you like nice breast and an ass you can grip. What about the things that please you? I remember the first time I watched a partner masturbate. I was amazed at how quickly he went through the motions – pump, pump, twist, pump, cum. It took me a while to understand that for many men, masturbation is just a release. You spend very little time actually exploring the sensations. As a result, you miss so much pleasure.

That is why I am here. You need to enjoy your sexuality more, and not just with your partner. You have a great body and a couple of great tools that can bring you so much pleasure. I am here to explore sex toys with you, and the ways that you can explore your body and release more than just a little tension. If you take the time to explore your sexuality, you will find yourself more open to discussing it with your partner, communicating what you enjoy, and seeking new ways to please her as well.

What Sex Toys Can Men Enjoy?

Men, you actually have many sex toys that are just waiting for you. We are going to explore some of them in detail later. Right now, I want to give you a little insight into some of the sex toys available to you, and the pleasures you can get from them.


Masturbators are any sex toy designed to help you masturbate more pleasurably. Some are simply textured sleeves that wrap around your cock as you masturbate. Others are devices with different texture and design into which you insert your penis. The one thing they all have in common – they help you enjoy the sensations that bring on your orgasm. Of the many masturbators available, I want to highlight two that stand out as categories all their own:


When I discovered the Fleshlight, I thought to myself why doesn’t every man have one of these? They are ingenious little devices that come in a container shaped roughly like a flashlight, though some come in large cans. The flesh-like material mimics either a vagina or anus. They are a clean and pleasurable way to enjoy masturbation. You can get one that has a generic texture or one that is designed to mimic a porn star or model.

Sex Dolls and Realistic Vaginas

Typically blow-up dolls, sex dolls are designed to give you full-sized pleasure. The best feature realistic hair and features, such as soft breasts and lips. They give you multiple places for soft insertion and fun. If a blow up doll is not your style, you can enjoy a realistic looking torso with large breasts and multiple ways to enjoy yourself. Realistic vaginas are a smaller version of the doll and torso. They mimic a vagina by appearance and feeling and give you more pleasure in masturbating.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are primarily a maintenance toy. These are designed to help you achieve a harder, longer-lasting erection for your partner. You can use them before masturbating, or to prepare for sex. While we tend to think of them as a tool for older men, anyone can enjoy them. If you have trouble achieving a full erection, due to either age or health complications, then the benefits of a penis pump are obvious. Other men enjoy the increased sensitivity that using a pump provides them.

Anal Plugs and Vibrators

The ass is taboo, especially for men. Oh, you may love your partner’s ass, but many men find their own to be off limits. Opening yourself to anal pleasure and anal exploration, however, means opening yourself to completely new pleasures. Whether you are exploring with an anal plug or taking advantage of a prostate massager, there are so many pleasures here waiting for you. Your ass is full of nerve endings that are waiting to be excited.

As you can see, you have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to sex toys. We have a lot of work to do if we want to see you truly enjoying and exploring your sexuality. So come with me as we start that journey together.

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