Sex Toys for Couples

When we think of sex toys, we think of masturbation – self-pleasure. If we keep ourselves in that mind-set, however, we miss so many pleasurable things. While I will never deny the absolute joy that comes from taking time out to pleasure yourself, or the benefits to your sexual experiences, if you ignore sex toys for couples, you over look so much intimacy. A couple who engages in regular sexual activity finds their intimate and emotional lives stronger. Using toys to heighten the pleasurable sensations only adds to those benefits.

What Types of Toys Can Couples Enjoy?

I am going to explore many options that you have as a couple to enjoy sex toys during your intimate time. Typically I look at these toys from a male/female perspective, however all couples can enjoy sex toys together. When I explore these toys in detail, I will be looking at the ways they can help increase intimacy for all couples. After all, no matter your sexual orientation, you all have the same goal when it comes to your partner – to be happy and make him or her happy.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are versatile toys. They can serve two purposes, sometimes at the same time. The simplest cock rings are designed to help prolong a man’s erection and keep him from coming too quickly. The benefit to his partner is obvious. Others are designed with vibrating attachments, which provide additional stimulation to both partners.

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are a wonderful tease. Most are designed to tease a woman’s clitoris or vagina, though remote controlled vibrating cock rings and anal vibrators are becoming popular as well. These vibrators offer all types of play options for partners. You can tease across the room while enjoying dinner or a quiet evening. A few even let you control the vibrator via the internet, so you can control her teasing while you are at the office.


The art of the massage cannot be ignored when it comes to intimacy between couples. Offering a massage is a wonderful way to help relieve the stress of the day and work up to energetic foreplay. Some massagers go from full body to more intimate massages, so that you can make that transition smoothly, and erotically.

Dildos and Extenders

Dildos are not just for self-pleasure. Some are designed for couples as well. Extenders help to increase his girth or provide interesting textures. Some extenders feature a dildo attachment for double penetration. Double-ended dildos give women and their female partners ways to enjoy intimate pleasures together. Many anal dildos and plugs are designed specifically with partners in mind, so that you can enjoy new and taboo explorations together.


While 50 Shades of Grey may have ignited a new fire for many couples, the truth is fetish and kink have been around for a long time. The new-found popularity, however, has made more varieties of kinky toys more readily available for couples. You can enjoy sex slings to explore new positions, bondage systems for your bed, wall, or doorway, and all sorts of floggers, paddles, and other impact and sensation play toys. Whatever your kink, you are sure to find something you and your partner will enjoy exploring.

As a couple, there is no greater joy in bed than discovering something new that your partner enjoys. Sex toys invite you to find new ways to discover those pleasures together. So come, let us begin our journey as we look at what intimacy awaits you.

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