Sex Games

At some point, it has happened. Perhaps you were playing Taboo with your friends. Maybe you were playing Pictionary and someone decided to throw in some innuendo. You were intrigued and a little excited. Sex games are fun, whether they are casual and suggestive games we play with close friends, or intimate games we play alone with each other. Many interesting sex games exist on the market, and we are going to explore them in detail.

What Do Sex Games Add?

Sex games give us spontaneity and an avenue to be open. When you are talking one-on-one with a partner, it can be hard to express a fantasy or desire. We are afraid of being turned down or even mocked for that deep, dark secret. Sex games give us incentive to be open. After all, we are playing to win. If a score is at stake, you will be more willing to admit to that time you and your best friend took turns kissing a boy together.

Sex games can be a great icebreaker. While we will be looking at many sex games designed for couples, some on the market are made for small intimate groups. If you are in the mid-stages of a relationship, where you have been together for enough time to get close, but have not taken those first intimate steps, sex games with close friends can help to bridge that gap, getting you excited about your new partner.

Sex games can also be a way to bond with other couples. Many people have fantasies about sharing their partner with another person or a couple. A few may act on that fantasy. For others, that fantasy is just about having a deeper bond with another couple. Being able to open up about your sex life to someone else can help you analyse it and enjoy it more. You can learn about new techniques and get advice if you hit a snag. Sexy games that you share with those friends are a way to help build that bond.

Kinds of Sex Games

You can find many sex games on the market, and we are going to look at many of them in detail. Whether you are looking at games for couples or innocent (or intimate) games for a tight group of friends, you can find three basic types.

Board Games

Sexy board games give you the classic feeling of playing a game and the intimacy of something sexual. For couples, these games focus on teasing and opening up about fantasies. Some use trivia to move you around the board, while others are played in a more truth-or-dare style. For less intimate groups, the games focus on innuendo and exploration. Some are innocent, using innuendo to highlight the absurdity of the adult mind, while others are designed as icebreakers for couples looking to explore.

Card Games

Sexy card games can be a lot of fun for couples to explore. These can vary from trivia games, to help open up couples to new ideas, to sexual commands to help them explore limits. Romantic coupons, given by one person to the other for sexual and casual romantic favours, are also included in this category of games. Sexy card games are a great way for couples to enjoy some quiet time together and transition from their day into foreplay and sex.

Dice Games

Dice games are very much a foreplay game. When you are ready to get into the bedroom and get going, dice games let you spice things up. Roll the dice and see what you get. Just beware. If you have a limit to what you will do or accept with your partner, sexy dice can rock that limit. You can choose dice that will fit into the limits of your relationship. If you are looking to explore further, the dice can be a good way to help you get past your trepidation and move into who new areas of sex and intimacy.

New experiences wait for you with sexy games. Try them. Explore with your partner or with close friends. Whatever you want from your sex life, a sexy game will definitely help you achieve it.

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