Sex Dolls for Women

When we think of Sex Dolls, we tend to think of the busty blow-up dolls designed for men to enjoy. In truth, there is more to Sex Dolls than just blow up dolls. They are also not just for men. Women can enjoy these as well, adding new dimensions to your self-pleasure.

Sex Dolls invite you to do more than just strive for an orgasm. They encourage you to engage your entire body and indulge your senses. Masturbation is no longer something you lay down to enjoy. With a Sex Doll, it becomes an activity that engages you as much as sexual intercourse.

Object of Sexual Desire

There are many varieties of Sex Dolls for women to choose from and enjoy. Each type offers its own benefits. The idea of riding a Sex Doll may seem a little kinky or freaky, but that is the point. Enjoying a Sex Doll allows you to let down your hair and get a little wild. Claw, pinch, and growl to your content, without having to worry about freaking out your partner or leaving marks. The Sex Doll allows you to engage your hands, your visual senses, and your imagination in ways that Vibrators and Dildos cannot.

Pelvis Dolls

The pelvis Sex Doll features a life-like penis, complete with ball sack, attached to a pelvis-shaped base. The penis tends to be slightly flexible, allowing you to insert it comfortably. The base is sturdy enough that you can sit it down and ride it without worrying about slippage. You can grip the ball sack as you ride. Many also feature a tight hole where the ass would be, so that you can insert your finger to add a little kink and imagination to your play.

The material these are made from varies by manufacturer. The best quality and most lifelike tend to be made of thermoplastic rubber (one trade name being Fanta Flesh) or silicone. As with any sex toy, especially those designed for insertion, you want to ensure they are phthalate free. You can often purchase varieties that include a vibrator or you can insert your own powerful bullet into the hole to add vibration of your own.

Torso Dolls

Torso Sex Dolls are a step up from the pelvis Doll. They feature a slightly flexible penis and ball sack and typically have a hole for finger or vibrator insertion at the base. They include a full torso, allowing you to lean forward and touch realistic flesh. With these, you can grip and claw to your delight as you ride and enjoy the sensation of vaginal penetration. Many of the torso Dolls feature a male chest. If you are inclined to enjoy a little Futanari fantasy, some feature female breasts and torso with the penis.

Like their pelvic cousins, these Dolls are made of flesh-like materials, typically thermoplastic rubber, or silicone. If you are selecting one, make sure that it is well made and phthalate free. These are not inexpensive pleasure toys. If you are going to make the investment, it should be high quality and last for a long time.

Life-size Dolls

Most life-size Sex Dolls are blow up dolls that feature a Dildo for your pleasure. Most of them are designed to mimic celebrities and adult film stars. Others engage your imagination by presenting to you the naughty version of a profession – the naughty firefighter, cowboy, or construction worker, for example. They often include hair and some clothing to give you additional tactile sensations and help propel your imagination.

If you want to make the investment, you can also find life-size Sex Dolls made from medical silicone. These dolls are poseable, so you can enjoy them lying down, sitting, or standing. They feature a penis and ball sack that may be detachable, depending on the manufacturer. Some also feature customizable heads and wigs, so that you can change their appearance. The silicone body is lifelike and is sculpted to be a typical, muscular male body.

Care and Safety

Sex Dolls offer a lot of variety and active pleasures for women to enjoy. Caring for the Doll and using it correctly is important if you want to enjoy it repeatedly.

  • Clean your Sex Doll after use with a sex toy safe cleanser or a cleanser recommended by the manufacturer. Allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it.
  • Use the Doll as recommended by the manufacturer. Most Sex Dolls are intended for vaginal penetration. Some recommend condom use for safety purposes. If you have one that can be used for anal penetration, only use it, or its attachment, for anal. It is important that what goes in the back door does not touch the front. Even though it may be cleaned thoroughly, imperfections can still harbour bacteria that could trigger vaginal or bladder infections.
  • Use plenty of lubricant. Using lubricant is important to avoid discomfort or vaginal tears. Be sure that the lubricant you choose is safe for the Sex Doll material. Generally water-based lubricants are a good choice. Always avoid silicone-based lubricants for silicone toys.

Explore the world of Sex Dolls for women and enjoy. There are many wonderful, imaginative, and wild delights waiting for you.

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