Love Eggs

The Love Egg is one of the most enjoyable Vibrators that you will find. It comes in various shapes and sizes and offers you all of the versatility that you want to see from an item in your sex toy box. I consider it technically a type of Bullet Vibrator; however, its range, use, and versatility make it stand out from its other Bullet cousins.

A Love Egg is generally egg shaped, though some retain the capsule shape of the normal Bullet. The major difference between the two is that the Egg usually includes a cord, either dangling or attached to a remote control. The cord serves as a retrieval piece, so that the Egg is ideal for vaginal stimulation.

Variations on a Theme

Love Eggs are wonderful toys for self-pleasure and a must have for any woman’s sex toy box. As you look for one that tantalizes you, you will find a lot of variety on the market. While Eggs vary in size, shape, colour, and vibration intensity, you will generally find three types of Love Eggs available.

Corded Remote Love Eggs

The corded remote Love Eggs are wonderful pleasure devices. The cord serves both as the retrieval device and signal delivery to the Egg. These Eggs tend to have multiple vibration functions, allowing you to control the frequency and intensity.

To get the most from this type of Egg, tease your breasts and nipples with the vibrations to help build your arousal. Move down to tease your labia and clitoris next. You can use the Egg to give yourself a clitoral orgasm this way and then slip it into your vagina, enjoying the heightened sensation post orgasm and bringing yourself to another by stimulating your G-Spot with the Egg. Provided the Egg is waterproof, you can enjoy it in your bedroom, shower, or bath.

Pull Cord Love Eggs

Pull Cord Love Eggs allow you vaginal pleasures in a hands free way. The pull cord on the Egg allows you to insert it and leave it in place, providing you vibrating stimulation. When you are finished, simply use the cord to pull it out. Some of these Eggs are self-contained, usually providing a single frequency or intensity of vibration. A few models respond to your own muscle control to adjust vibration, however, helping you to strengthen your Kegel muscles while you pleasure yourself. Others include a wireless remote that allows you to adjust the vibrations of the Egg.

Pull cord Eggs are ideal for relaxing in the bath and giving yourself some additional pleasure. There is something erotic about the feeling of warm water on your skin after you orgasm. Take your waterproof Egg into the bath with you. If you would like, you can tease your nipples and clitoris with the Egg prior to inserting it. Once you have inserted the Egg, enjoy the warmth of the water surrounding you and the pleasure inside your body. Lay back, relax, and allow the Egg to do the work in bringing you to a very satisfying orgasm.

Anal Eggs

If you search for Love Eggs online, you are bound to come across this question. You may even have it yourself. Can Love Eggs be used anally? The simple answer is – maybe. For a Love Egg to be safe for anal use, the manufacturer must state that it has been designed specifically for anal insertion. If the manufacturer’s website does not state that this is the case, with a cord strong enough to pull through anal muscle contractions, then you do not want to risk using your Love Egg anally.

So what if you cannot find a Love Egg you feel safe using for anal play? A few manufacturers have noticed the demand for both pleasure and reduced visits to the Emergency. They are providing wonderful devices, like the Dorcel Toys Genius Secret Vibrator, that allow you to enjoy all of the pleasures of a vibrating Egg without worrying about being able to retrieve it.

To Really Love Your Egg

From the three basic types of Love Eggs above, you will find lots of variation. The best Love Eggs on the market will have a few common features, no matter the exact shape, size, or specification. To get the most from your Love Egg, make sure that they have these qualities.

  • Your Egg should be waterproof so that you can get the most pleasure from your device. Most on the market are, but do not assume, especially the ones with corded remotes. Check the packaging and do not settle.
  • Make sure that your Love Egg is made from quality material. Most are made of silicone, though you will find others that are coated plastic. Either is fine so long as they are well made and durable. The most important thing to ensure is that the Egg is phthalate free. If you have latex allergy or sensitivity, you will also want to ensure it is latex free.
  • When you are selecting your Egg, pay attention to the type of battery required. You want to be sure when you invest in your Egg that you can keep it running easily. Overly expensive or hard to find batteries may leave you with a toy you cannot use.

Care and Safety

With any sex toy you own, it is important to keep it clean and use it responsibly. To ensure that you always enjoy your Love Egg, keep these things in mind.

  • Keep it clean. After use, clean your Love Egg (and any sleeves or extenders) thoroughly with a sex toy safe cleanser. Be sure to clean cords as well. Allow it to dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Mind your lubricants. Depending on the material your Love Egg is made of, it may require a specific type of lubricant. Pay attention to what is recommended on the packaging and make sure you have it on hand to use.
  • Use the Love Egg only as intended. Do not use a Love Egg anally that is only intended for vaginal use.
  • If you have a Love Egg that can be used anally, do not use it vaginally as well. To avoid very unpleasant infections, any toy that is used for the back door should never touch the front. Even after cleaning, imperfections in the toy can harbour bacteria, so it is important to follow this rule.

Above all, enjoy your Love Egg. These are wonderful and versatile devices that will give you as much pleasure as you allow them.

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