30 years ago, Sabrina Salerno sang Boys Boys Boys, today every girl is singing Toys Toys Toys. Not only girls but boys are also singing the same. A few decades ago, toys were only meant for the kids, today they are used because people don’t want any kids.

If you have kids at your home, do your best to hide your personal toys from them. The artificial vaginas became popular back in the 70s and 80s when every young man was having fun with his toy while watching the latest movie of Honey Wilder or Kay Parker. Those were some heavenly days, oh sorry, nights, for me, it was both.

In my opinion, real Kay Parker or Honey Wilder would still feel much better than any artificial vagina ever created. A woman is a woman. The warm sensation of a woman is inimitable and every man who has been between some legs will tell you the same.

Last year, when I was in India, I had fun with this Russian Escort in New Delhi, my god what a fine bird she was. She looked like my favorite 90s BBW Russian pornstar Irina Sarah. This escort was also a BBW with huge nips.

I don’t understand why God had to create orgasms; I could live between her legs forever while keeping my hands on those beautiful breasts. I said I wanted to be inside once more, she asked for Rs. 10, 000 more, I didn’t have it, so I had to leave.

If you could easily control your orgasms, pillows and mattresses would be useless for men. No need to go to work, just lay down on your BBW wife/girlfriend/mistress with your organ in between and sleep, get up and start the humping and jumping again, after 8-9 hours when you get a little tired and feel hungry, get out and pluck some fresh fruits from the tree, eat them, start the humping and jumping again, when you feel sleepy, sleep for a couple of hours. You can’t sleep for more than a couple of hours in a condition like that; the excitement of the upcoming action will prevent you from doing so.

If evolution is true, we will surely be capable of doing the same after about one or two centuries. We humans should direct all our energy towards non-orgasmic sex and focus on giving our future generations better sexual techniques.

I have been with several High Class Delhi Escorts but none of them was expert in the art of tantra. I need to find a tantric guru to make my life worth living. I can’t live without sex for more than a couple of hours, it becomes very hell-like. I think I should better bang my Pamela Anderson lookalike sex doll for hours and hours and learn the same on myself.