The Dildo is a powerful and sometimes intimidating sex toy – and a must have for any woman’s sex toy box. These wonderful toys provide you pleasure through penetration, letting you achieve powerfully intense orgasms. When we talk about Dildos, we usually think of the vibrating kind. While those are certainly wonderful – and I will talk about them another time – we forget the many pleasures that come from width and texture alone.

When talking about non-vibrating Dildos, I want to look at three kinds – the realistic Dildo, the textured and shaped Dildo, and the glass Dildo. Each has its pleasures and benefits. Understanding them will help you choose a Dildo that will please you.

Realistic Pleasures

A realistic Dildo is very simply that – it is designed to mimic a true-to-life penis. The Dildo has the same basic shape of the shaft and head, and most are the approximate size of an average or slightly better-than-average man. Realistic Dildos may be smooth, except for the head, or textured in a manner that is similar to a man’s penis, with veiny structures or wrinkles. Many are curved slightly, and some even feature the ball sack, for both the look and to provide a wide base.

Enjoy a realistic Dildo any time you want to feel the pleasure of penetration. Because they do not vibrate, you do not have to worry about water. You can use it in the bath or shower. Many varieties of Dildo include a suction-cut attachment so that you can affix it to a hard surface, such as the bottom of your tub or side of the shower. If you are adventurous, a few varieties of Dildos are shaped like hands or fists, so that you can enjoy the sensation of being fisted.

Shaped and Textured Pleasures

If a realistic Dildo is not your thing, consider one that features an unusual texture or curved shape. The curved shaped Dildos are perfect for finding and pleasuring your G-spot. Textured Dildos have surface features that you will not find on a man’s penis, including pronounced ridges, bumps, and other textures that are very nice to feel as you insert the Dildo and twist it.

Enjoy these Dildos anywhere that you like to relax. You can enjoy them in the bath or shower, or lying on your bed. If you want to try out a G-Spot stimulator, it is best to use it when lying down on a comfortable surface. Your G-Spot is located on the top of your vaginal wall, about five centimetres (2 inches) inside. It is just below the bladder, and pressing it can give you the sensation of needing to pee. This is normal, but it is best to empty your bladder before proceeding. Insert the Dildo and explore this area until you find the spot that feels very nice. You can explore with your finger first. Once you find the spot, massage it with the Dildo until you orgasm. A G-Spot orgasm is very intense and can cause a woman to experience a small amount of ejaculate.

Oh My Glass

The first time I heard of a glass Dildo, I cringed, imagining a glass bottle or something similar breaking. Glass Dildos, however, are completely unlike the glass that you have in your kitchen, save for one brand of glass – Pyrex. If you think on your glass cookware, you know the stuff that goes into your oven, and then your refrigerator, night after night, without breaking or cracking, then you know just how strong Pyrex glass can be.

Glass Dildos are popular because they are durable. Even your best-made rubber and silicone Dildos will wear down. Over time and with use, the material will begin to break down, harbouring bacteria. Glass Dildos do not go through that type of degradation, so they have a longer lifespan. They are also waterproof, completely hygienic, and perfect for temperature play.

When you shop for a glass Dildo, only purchase one made of Borosilicate glass. This compound formulation makes up the aforementioned Pyrex. This grade of glass is certified safe for sex toy use, so you know that it will be safe to insert inside you. Most glass Dildos are made for vaginal use only, though if you look around you can find ones designed for anal penetration as well. It is important that you use your Dildo only where it is designed to be used.

If you want to experience temperature play with your glass Dildo, you can do so easily. Avoid using a freezer to cool your Dildo or a microwave to heat it. Both of these can cause serious injury. To warm your glass Dildo, simply run it under hot water until it reaches a temperature you want. To cool it, place it under cool tap water or into a bowl of ice water. Once the Dildo is at the temperature you desire, lie back to insert it, going slowly so that your body has time to adjust to the temperature. Temperature play of this type will give you an incredible orgasm.

Care and Safety

When using a Dildo, make sure that you apply plenty of lubrication and only use the type specified by your Dildo’s packaging. When you are through, clean it with a sex toy safe cleanser, and store it once dry.

Some Dildos are designed only for anal or vaginal penetration, others are designed for both. It is important that you use the Dildo as intended to avoid possible injury. If you have a versatile Dildo, pick where you will use it and only use it there. Even after cleaning, imperfections can harbour bacteria, leading to infections later.

Now that you have some ideas of the types of non-vibrating Dildos waiting for you, choose one and enjoy. These wonderful tools can bring you lots of pleasure, alone or combined with a clitoral stimulator or bullet vibrator. Have fun and many, many orgasms.

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