Fun with Toys

30 years ago, Sabrina Salerno sang Boys Boys Boys, today every girl is singing Toys Toys Toys. Not only girls but boys are also singing the same. A few decades ago, toys were only meant for the kids, today they are used because people don’t want any kids. If you have kids at your home, do your best to hide your personal toys from them. The artificial vaginas became popular back in the 70s and 80s when every young man…

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Reigniting the Flame with Sex Toys

One of the common complaints from those in long term, committed relationships is that sex is predictable and stale. What once burned with the passion of a thousand suns now barely resembles an ember. In fact, many in long-term relationships virtually schedule their sex. And, these couples insist, it’s always the same. So not only is the timing planned, but the sex itself is repetitive. While there is debate about how often happy couples have sex, it’s rather uncontroversial to…

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